Saratoga Lake House Rental

Located on Route 9P about 5 miles from the Saratoga Race Track (6 miles from downtown Saratoga) and just a few miloes from Global Foundaries you can enjoy the best sunsets on Saratoga lake. This has a very open floor plan and is clean, and newly remodeled.

The front of the house features a spacious living room which overlooks Saratoga Lake. The living room has been updated recently and the carpet has been replaced since this picture with new pergo flooring. I'd estimate the size of the living room to be 21 x 12 and there's plenty of room for a couch , loveseat, tables and big TV.

Kitchen is fully equipped with a fridge, convetion oven and gas cook top for you to prepare and serve your meals. The cook top runs off of bottled propane and a normal BBQ sized tank will last over 3 months with normal use.

The dining area has plenty of room for a table and chairs and has walk out access to the deck and grilling area. In addition there's an area that has a writing surface and cubbies to keep paperwork and bill paying organised.

To be completely honest the bedrooms are rather small but theres room for up to a queen bed and dresser in each. The bedroom closests each have shelving and dual rods to maximize storage potential.

The front bedroom (not pictured) is similar in size and has large windows overlooking the lake.

The bathroom is finished in oak with white fixtures.
A washer and dryer set is included so you can do your laundry on site.
There is a 16x16 deck right outside the dining room. At the moment the hottub is winterized but if you are interested in using it I will help you get it going with an additional security deposit. It's a bit of a pain to winterize the tub and if the tenant wants to use it I want to make sure that carelessness does not cause freezing or damage to the tub.

Saratoga lake is an awesome lake for boating and fishing. Rental includes use of private beach (The water can get weedy) directly across route 9P. There are several sections of dock down by the water. The tenant is resonsible for putting in the dock (if they want to use it) and removing it before the lake ices over in the fall. Keeping a single boat in the water is possible but it is an option that should be considered with caution as mother nature can be harsh. Having a boat on the water is much more involved than just tieing to a cleat on the dock. Keeeping a canoe or a couple kayaks is much simpler.

Tenant is responsible for all utilities. Here are some estimates that you can use for budgeting.
  • Heating is oil forced air uses about 250 gallons for the full winter (October - March) when the computer controlled thermostat is set properly.
  • Electric utility costs are going to vary dramatically based on use. The dryer, oven and the bath/heater/fan are the big electric loads. With average use expect to pay somewhere around $75 per month for electric.
  • The cook top runs on propane and it is supplied by 2 grill sized tanks. They are around $20 to fill and they last about 3 months with daily use.
  • Phone and cable costs are entirely up to you. Time warner service (including internet) is available in that location.
  • A security deposit plus first and last month's rent is required for occupancy.
  • A one year lease is standard but other terms can be negotiated.
    Here are a couple more recent pictures. As I mentioned above, the sunsets at the house can be awesome.
    Here are a few pictures of the living and kitchen after I painted and installed the new laminate flooring. And finally here is a Youtube Virtual Walk Through Video that I shot between tennants several months ago. I tend to upgrade between tenants and the house is now cleaner, the construction next door has finished, and several things have been updated since the video was shot. Still, you can get the general idea. Note that some rooms have been painted, the carpet is no longer there and the lawn has been replanted since the video was taken.